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PAMAROSA: (Leaves) Cymbopogan martini (motia)

Palmarosa oil has a sweet floral, with a hint of rose smell and is pale yellow in colour. An antiseptic that is beneficial for problem skin, raises the spirits andML CUENTLY AVAILABLE clarifies the mind.

This particular essential oil is fast becoming a firm favourite in essential oil therapy and aromatherapy, as it has excellent skin care properties and is also used to relieve stiff and sore muscles, while calming the mind and uplifting and invigorating the spirits and clearing muddled thinking.

Palmarosa is used to counter physical and nervous exhaustion, stress-related problems and nervousness.

It is most useful during convalescence and cools the body of fever, while aiding the digestive system, helping to clear intestinal infection, digestive atonia and anorexia nervosa.

Palmarosa oil moisturizes the skin, while balancing the hydration levels and stimulating cell regeneration. It balances production of sebum, to keep the skin supple and elastic.

This oil is valuable for use with acne, dermatitis, preventing scarring, rejuvenating and regenerating the skin, as well as fighting minor skin infections, sore tired feet and athlete’s foot. It also helps wounds to heal fast and in a better manner

Palmarosa oil is also known to be very effective against many viral infections. It stops spreading of viral infection in our body and gradually eliminates it. It acts directly on the growth of bacteria in our body and kills them instantly. Due to this function it becomes very effective in treating ailments caused by the bacterial infections, such as: colitis, infections in urinary bladder, kidneys, etc.

Palmarosa Essential Oil has the ability to promote the growth of cells and tissues. As many cells in our body die due to normal wear and tear, Palmarosa Essential Oil can help to reproduce more cells to compensate for the dead ones. This process can slow down the ageing process of the body and keep us healthy and young for longer.

Secretion of digestive juices is another important function which can be stimulated by use of Palmarosa Oil.

Palmarosa oil blends well with

Though essential oils blend well with one another, Palmarosa oil blends particularly well with Bergamot, Geranium, Lime, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang

Therapeutic properties

The therapeutic properties of Palmarosa oil are antiseptic, antiviral, bactericide, cytophylactic, digestive, febrifuge and hydrating.

Therapeutic properties explained

Chemical composition

The main chemical components of palmarosa oil are myrcene, linalool, geraniol, geranyl acetate, dipentene and limonene.


Unicorn Aromatherapy’s Palmarosa Essential Oil originates from India and is extracted from the dried grass harvested before it flowers by steam distillation. The yield is 1 – 1.5 %.


Palmarosa oil has no known contra indications and is considered a non-toxic, non-irritant and non-sensitizing essential oil.

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