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Carrot Oil- Daucus Carota

 Carrot oil, cold pressed, is rich in beta carotene, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and F, as well as essential fatty acids, it is also a strong free radical blocker.  The carrot has been known as a medicinal plant for at least 2000 years. It has a powerful effect on conditions connected to the liver and is also used to aid healthy skin.

Carrot oil helps to heal dry, chapped and cracked skin. This oil is suitable for all skin types; it balances the moisture in the skin, restores elasticity and smooths tired, dried out skin and is good for general skin health.

It is known to be an active rejuvenator, delaying the ageing process if used regularly. It is said to be particularly good for the (ageing) neck due to its claimed reputation for delaying the ageing process.  It is beneficial in skin cream and oils for everyday application to nourish, tighten, and revitalize skin and also to preserve your suntan.

Carrot oil is good oil for face and neck treatments and may even help to reduce wrinkling. Also use it on areas that need extra attention like the elbows and knees.

Carrot oil also has antiseptic and potent antioxidant properties it can be used for help in treating fungal infections of the finger and toenails. It is useful on burns, and is an anti-inflammatory.

It has been shown to be useful for healing scar tissue and soothes itching skin, claimed to be helpful in cases of psoriasis acne and eczema.

Fatty acids found in Carrot Oil

Alpha Linolenic Acid (Omega-3) 0.2 %, Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) 10.8%, Oleic Acid (Omega-9) 68.4 %


There are no contra indications associated with Carrot oil

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