Aromatharapists rarely use single oils, but prefer to blend two, three or more oils together to create a multifaceted aroma to treat mind and body in a Holistic way. A carefully composed blend works better than single essence due to the phenomenon of synergy. “Synergy” means when oils are blended together they have a mutually enhancing effect upon one another, thus, the effect of the whole is greater than the of sum of its individual parts.

Unicorn Aromatherapy have created ten synergistic blends (containing up to nine Pure Essential Oils) that can be used every day. These blends maintain wellbeing, help relaxation, stimulate mind and body and encourage Love, Happiness and Self esteem.

The best way to choose your blend is to smell the testers and pick the one which appeals most to your senses. Alternatively, read the explanation of each blend and choose the one most appropriate to your needs at the moment. We would suggest one blend for morning, a soft gentle blend (for example Peace) for evening and one for special occasions. Synergistic blends can also be used as an alternative to perfume.

Synergistic blends contain 40% Pure Essential Oils and 60% carrier oil. They are therefore Adult blends and should not be used on children unless diluted further in carrier oil.

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