Pure Essential Oils have always been used in Magic. the Magic Aromatherapy Blends series is designed to be used in Rituals, Affirmation, Diffusers, candles, baths and bath salts. They can also be worn on the pulse points or Chakra centres of the body, in fact any time you wish to perform a little magic to bring about a transformation in your life.

When choosing your Magic Aromatherapy Blends be clear and positive about your ultimate goal, focus on your intentions. Choose by the aroma or by reading the explanation given with each blend. Use the appropriate coloured candle and crystal. Find a quite space and rub the blend onto your pulse points, your candle and crystal. Visualise your magic goal, light your candle and transform your energy into magic for Healing, Happiness, Love, Success, Prosperity or whatever you desire. The more you practice and visualise the better the end result. Always use magic with love and positive emotions. The basic and most important rule is HARM NONE, this includes yourself !!

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